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Personal works: The print works
This is a selection of the best I've done:

Claudia Christian
"My Life With Geeks & Freaks"

The cover of the book by Claudia Christian
Coming in June 2007!

European Commission book
The cover artwork for an official book of the European Commission.

Unification: le fanclub
A french Star Trek fanclub. Advertising poster.
Click the image for an bigger size

Wormhole X-Treme
Artwork made for the German City Con.
Click the image for an bigger size
Constellation: Chevron 1
Constellation: Chevron 1
A french Stargate con. advertising poster.
Click the image for an bigger size
PADD magazine Nr. 9
PADD magazine Nr. 9
Cover of the french magazine PADD.
Click the image for an bigger size
Constellation 4: Pegasus
A limited edition photo signed by all the actors invited in the french con "Constellation 4".


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