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Personal works: The websites
This page is outdated, please visit my personnal site for more up to date information:
Nancy Sinatra
http://www.nancysinatra.be (My design is now offline)
The website of the Belgian TV presenter, actress & singer Nancy Sinatra.
John Noble
http://www.johnnoble.net (My design is now offline)
The official website of actor John Noble.
Andee Frizzell
The official website of actress Andee Frizzell.
GateWorld, the world's biggest and most popular website about Stargate! I did the design only.
Paris Jefferson
The official site of actress Paris Jefferson.
Denise Crosby http://www.denisecrosby.net
The official site of actress Denise Crosby.
http://www.zardproductions.com (offline)
The official business site of actress Claudia Christian (Babylon 5).
http://www.wallpaperlinks.be (offline)
My first website, made 5 years ago (has known some lifting since that but the main page has never changed).
http://www.gary-jones.net (offline)
The official website of the actor Gary Jones.
http://www.billdow.net (offline)
The official website of the actor Bill Dow.
Ellen Albertini Dow http://www.ellenalbertinidow.com (offline)
The official website of the actress Ellen Albertini Dow.
http://www.citadellededinant.be (My design is now offline)
The official website of the Citadel of Dinant. A very well known touristic place in Belgium.
http://www.brusselstranslation.be (My design is now offline)
The site of a translation enterprise.
http://www.annlippert.com (offline)
The official site of actress Ann Lippert.
http://www.jnacpa.com (offline)
J&A Associates, LLP is a full-service Tax and Accounting firm.


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