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Victor Webster interview
Interview with Victor WebsterMost recently, Victor Webster starred as the scorpion king in the 3rd installment to the film franchise. Victor can also currently be seen in the television show "Continuum".
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Martin Bower interview
Interview with Martin BowerMartin Bower is one of the most highly prolific model makers and designers to the film, TV, advertising and publishing industry. His work includes the original Alien movie, Space 1999, Dr Who, Thunderbird, Blakes 7, Outland, Flash Gordon...
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Eric Bernard interview (2)
Interview with Eric Bernard: Moonbase Alpha's LegacyEric Bernard's project is to create a movie that would be a sequel to Space 1999, giving it an ending and would answer all the questions. This interview contains EXCLUSIVE CONTENT AND INFORMATION.
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Cynthia Addai-Robinson interview
Cynthia Addai-Robinson interview - SpartacusCynthia Addai-Robinson can currently be seen on the hit Starz show Spartacus: Vengeance, playing the series regular role of ‘Naevia’.
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Rachel G. Fox interview
Rachel G. Fox interview - DreamhouseRachel G Fox has a supporting role in Dream House, directed by Jim Sheridan. Rachel plays Naomi Watt's daughter, and is flanked by Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz.
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Sanctuary France

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Gilles Nuytens

Bad Gamble - Short Movie

Check out this short movie with Gilles Nuytens (as well as the poster created by him), owner and webmaster of The Scifi World. This isn't sci-fi, however you will recognize Gilles playing the role of the man with the hat (here in the background of the poster).

This short movie sounds more like a demo-reel, but here is the plot: "Kurt fights Wong Lee in an underground tournament. Pressure is on his shoulders as he must get back the money from the Gipsy..."

The movie is French with English subtitles and is produced by CAMéRA 7.

Directed by: Alan Delabie
Director of photography: Gaëtan Selle
Music: Henning Berg, Mithridatium, vvsmusic
Choreography: Alan Delabie
Editing, Post production: Gaëtan Selle

Kurt: Alan Delabie
Wong Lee: John Bruynseels Torreja
The Gipsy: Gilles Nuytens

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