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PASTA WARS: The Pasta Awakens

Pasta Wars, un livre écrit par Gilles Nuytens
Pasta Wars is a book written by Gilles Nuytens (French).
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Bodie Olmos interview

Date of publishing: 20th January 2007

Bodie Olmos interview Bodie James Olmos was only seven years old when he made his first acting appearance in The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez. Once a triathlon athlete (swimming, biking, running) and cross country runner, Bodie still runs, but surfing has remained his favorite sport for nearly twenty years. He is also musically inclined and is an accomplished drummer. Bodie attended and graduated in 2000 from UCLA School of Theatre in Los Angeles. He took additional courses in acting and received a degree from the Sanford-Meisner Center. He enjoys live theatre and has performed in a revival of the Luis Valdez play Zoot Suit. He also performed in War at the Latino Theatre Company in the Los Angeles Theatre Center. In 2001 he joined the cast of "American Family" in the role of the young Jess Gonzales. Bodie has also completed several short film including the UCLA Graduate short film Capped. Since 2004 he plays a reccuring character in the TV show Battlestar Galactica with his father Edward james Olmos (Commander/Admiral Adama).

Linda Craddock: Thank you for taking the time to interview with The Scifi World. Tell us a little about your character Brendan "Hotdog" Constanza on Battlestar Galactica?
Bodie Olmos: The character of Hotdog is very interesting for me because it's one that was really wide open for me to develope. He is a washed out fighter pilot, from flight school, who was really a hotshot type of pilot, which ends up getting him thrown out of the academy. That being said, he always thinks he is a little better than he actually is. He is a little cocky, and careless at times. Takes chances and a lot of the time doesn't know what the results will be. He really wants to be good, and recognized but always seems to be out of his league at times. So with that being said I think he is a wonderful character to play, one that is a risk taker, and a guy who doesn't always know the outcome, but means to do good!

Linda Craddock: You appeared in 21 episodes of Galactica. Which shoot was the most challenging?
Bodie Olmos: Interesting enough, probably the first episode I was in, "Act of Contrition". I was so excited, nervous and amazed that I was on the show. That for me was a rough day, let me tell you! I could hardly sit still and the day seemed so long. I just wanted to be good, and make sure I knew what this character was all about, which is very difficult. I think it evolves. One minute you may think he is like this but then you see that he actually believes something else. So I was definately glad to make it through that one.

Bodie Olmos interviewLinda Craddock: Which episode to you feel is a particular favorite or memorable for you as an actor?
Bodie Olmos: My most memorable, was probably, "Unfinished Business". The reason I liked this one so much was because, one I got to work with Robert Young, who I have admired and love to watch him work, with actors. Second, this show a lot of us were on set that episode and it is just fun when we are all there. Many times, we are all kind of seperated and don't really work together on the same day even. So it was just nice being with every one, and also I have never done a boxing sequence before and is something I always thought would be interesting to see how they are done. Not to mention the fact that I get knocked out by Starbuck, that was pretty fun!!

Linda Craddock: So "starbuck" gets KO’d on "hot dog" in "Unfinished Business"? Tell us how you felt when you received the script for this scene?
Bodie Olmos: Oddly enough, I was a little annoyed, but then I was all "What the heck, take one for the team." She's pretty tough anyways!!

Linda Craddock: Can we expect much more from "hot dog" in future episodes of Galactica?
Bodie Olmos: I am not too sure of that cause here on the Galactica, nothing is for certain, and thats the only thing that I am certain about.

Linda Craddock: What is the most outstanding feature in the story line of the new Galactica that was not present in the original series?
Bodie Olmos: Ohh I am not too familiar with the original series, so I am probably not to qualified for this one. But the thing I like most about it is, the way the concept of humanity is portrayed in the story and how we as a human race deal with the problems we create, which in this show is destroying us.

Bodie Olmos interviewLinda Craddock: Battlestar Galactica is not your first work as an actor with your father. Share your experiences with your working relationship, what you have learned from him in your craft, and how he has influenced your career thus far?
Bodie Olmos: My experiences working with my father is incredible. He is such a big influence in my life and I have always tried to grab things from him and see how they work in my own craft. The difficult thing is that sometimes they are not so easy to grab. He has always been supportive in my wanting to learn this craft and has encouraged me to follow my dreams. I have been watching him work all of my life and I still am learning something new that each and every time that I get to watch him work. Working with him in a scene is pretty incredible too. I see my father, at the same time he is the character, and then in some ways we are two actors expressing ourselves artistically. And so, this all comes to play when doing a scene. It makes it very fun and also very familiar and is so comforting to me. It reminds me of when he used to coach me in baseball, and that sense that he is there and everything will be ok. So I am so fortunate and glad that I have been able to train and study so that this day would come and I would be prepared. I am so fortunate and blessed in many ways.

Linda Craddock: What is your view on the war of man against machine, and the evolution of technology and man kind’s inability to harness that power?
Bodie Olmos: I think it is very scary. In todays age, we have a very strong sense of the developement of technology at a very rapid pace. And how it can be beneficial to humankind. And when we misuse it in anyway, whether it be through overindulgence or to harm another. I think it becomes very problematic and in this case can become something that is irreversible and destructive.

Linda Craddock: You were recently cast in two projects, "Resilience" and "Splinter". Tell us a little about the role you played in each.
Bodie Olmos: Resilience, directed by Paul Bojack and starring Steve Wilcox, was difficult because of the subject matter. It was two kids who ran a skateboard shop, but it was a front for another business they had, which was selling sex. When you start to understand the material I find that it's very crucial that you understand totally what you are trying to achieve in the piece. And for me, it was to bring an awareness to people that this may or may not be going on today. And how does something like this be stopped. The character in Splinter, was that of a Forensic Scientist. That was great to explore and try to grasp what Foresic scientists do. How they survay a dead body at the scene of the crime. What they are looking for and how to find evidence. This was also great to work on because it was directed by my Brother, Michael, which was his directorial debut.

Bodie Olmos interviewLinda Craddock: In the movie "Walkout", which is based on a true story, you played Moctesuma Esparza. Does this inspire you as an actor moving forward to perhaps pursue writing?
Bodie Olmos: The movie inspired me in many ways, as far as writing, I think I will and am starting to write. It is not something I am most comfortable with but think it is very important. This movie was very special to me and everyone that worked on it. It is a film that took a very long time to make and a story that needed to be told.

Linda Craddock: Do you have any plans to return to theatre?
Bodie Olmos: I love the theatre and really would love to do more of it. I feel that theatre is the root of acting and is where I go to learn the fundamentals, the history of acting, and the true core of oneself. I love to hit those boards.

Linda Craddock: What motivated you to audition for Galactica? Did the fact that your father played on it influence you?
Bodie Olmos: I do believe my father had an influence on me wanting to read for it. I felt that he had such intrigue by it that it was so infectious. It really made me want to be a part of it and be a part of it. Any chance I get to work with my father I would!

Linda Craddock: Outside of acting, what do you like to do?
Bodie Olmos: I have been surfing since I was a young kid and always loved the ocean. I really enjoy the connection with the water. There is something very unique and calming about riding a wave that really hasn't left me since the first time I did it. I enjoy waking up really early 4:30am, checking the surf and paddling for a couple of hours before work. Nothing like it in the world.

Linda Craddock: Cylons have a plan ... and you, what are your plans for the future?
Bodie Olmos: My plans for the future is to be doing the exact same thing I am doing today. Looking for stories, acting, helping others and surfing!

Linda Craddock: Did you ever imagined being in the place of Jamie Bamber, playing Apollo, who is playing with your father as "father & son" on the screen?
Bodie Olmos: I have but at the same time, I really enjoy being Hotdog. I think Jamie does a terrific job, and is a great person. He is well trained as an actor and I believe he is great for the role. I am right where I am supposed to be, and I truely believe that.

Linda Craddock: If given an open choice, is there any other TV show on today that you'd like to be a part of?
Bodie Olmos: Ugly Betty or the George Lopez Show!
Thank you so much Linda, I really had a great time with these and I hope they are what you are looking for. Thanks a bunch!

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Interview by Linda Craddock & Gilles Nuytens for The Scifi World
Mini biography by: MaryAnn T. Beverly


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