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PASTA WARS: The Pasta Awakens

Pasta Wars, un livre écrit par Gilles Nuytens
Pasta Wars is a book written by Gilles Nuytens (French).
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Interview with David Nykl

Date of publishing: 15th September 2005

David Nykl interview Born in Prague, David arrived in Canada with his parents at the age of two, after the communist occupation of what was then Czechoslovakia. The Nykls arrived in Victoria, BC where his father soon found work as a Structural Engineer and his mother as a Nurse. With a propensity for acting and a strong sense of comic timing, David soon became involved in all sorts of performances - from TV Commercials (Adidas), School Plays, and Christmas Show hosts to Piano, Acting and even Dance classes. David is now know by Stargate Atlantis fan's with his recurring role of Dr. Radek Zelenka.

Check out this clip sent to me directly by David Nykl, credits are for "Derry".
Download the clip (12Megas, WMV)

Gilles Nuytens: Hello David, Stargate Atlantis allowed you a new popularity amongst many fans, can you say something to them ?
David Nykl: I love you too!!!!! And thank you. More Zelenka coming soon.

Gilles Nuytens: Your character in Atlantis, which was only a little role in the begining has taken more and more importance in the show, how did you approach Zelenka to make him so popular and so interesting ?
David Nykl: Thank you. I work on Zelenka like I work on any character: pay attention to the human side of the script and find my own place in the universe of Stargate. The rest is discipline and concentration, and humour. In acting you prepare with your head, and on the day you work with your heart.

David Nykl interview
Click the image to enlarge

Gilles Nuytens: You often play with David Hewlett, what was your best memory with him ?
David Nykl: We worked together a lot in season one. In season two I end up saving his ass a lot, which means we don't work on the same days as often (he's on another planet, I'm trying to figure out how to get him back etc.) He's a fine actor and a fine person to work with. He has a lot of work everyday on this series. I have a lot of respect for his talent and his work ethic.

Gilles Nuytens: In "The Siege", Peter Grodin, the character played by Craig Veroni is killed, why do you think the production killed him ? What were your relationships with Craig and don't you fear that one day they could decide to do the same with Zelenka ?
David Nykl: I know Craig from before Stargate, we've worked on theatre projects together in Vancouver. Actors often have to "die" to push the story along further. It's part of the job. Craig, I'm sure understands that. He works a lot, that guy, so he's doing fine. How should I know what the future holds for Zelenka?

Gilles Nuytens: Your appartitions in Atlantis are a bit like those of Gary Jones in SG-1, a bit like the icing on the cake of the episodes, what do you think about it?
David Nykl: I think it's great. I like being the cake too. Being the cake and eating it with raspberries and cucumbers, steak, cheese, and celery sticks. And wasps flying around. And people to talk to.

Gilles Nuytens: Would you like to do an episode oriented on Zelenka, do you think this could happen one day ?
David Nykl: Of course!
David Nykl interview
Click the image to enlarge

Gilles Nuytens: A question I like very much: Do you have a funny anecdote you'd like to share with us on the shooting of Stargate ?
David Nykl: I'll tell you at the convention...

Gilles Nuytens: What are the things that motivates you in your career and personal life ?
David Nykl: Finding the right balance between when to push for something and when to let things unfold. In acting: authenticity and communication. It's about the other person.

Gilles Nuytens: When you speak in Czech in the show, is there any control by the production on what you say or is it pure improvisation without any control ?
David Nykl: It begins as improvisation and after the take is finished and we move on to the next set-up, the director comes over and asks me "so what did you say?" . At that point it's a little too late.

Visit the website of David at www.davidnykl.com 

David Nykl

Interview by Gilles Nuytens for The Scifi World


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