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PASTA WARS: The Pasta Awakens

Pasta Wars, un livre écrit par Gilles Nuytens
Pasta Wars is a book written by Gilles Nuytens (French).
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Richard Harmon interview
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Gilles Nuytens
            Gilles Nuytens

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Interview with Gary Jones (1)
Date of publishing: 1st March 2005

Gary Jones was born on January 4th 1958 in Swansea, Wales. He moved to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada in 1986. Before Gary delved in to a career in acting he used to work as an Art Director for a Gazette Newspaper in Burlington.
Gary is an award-winning playwright and is a Leo-nominated comedy writer. Now he is known by the Stargate fans as Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman in Stargate SG-1.
Gary never imagined working on Stargate for nine years and he is always ready to shoot another episode!

Gilles Nuytens: What about the ninth season. I mean it looks like you will take part into it, but as there is a new commander at the SGC, you won't have to do all the paperwork for O'Neill anymore, so do you know if you will be back to the chevron guy role or if you will be promoted to... I don't know... the whole control room guy!
Gary Jones: As long as i'm the guy with the keys to the gate, i could care less what rank they give me. they could put me in a nightie for all i care. well, okay, a COMBAT nightie, but still... there may be a new general but hopefully i'll stay the same or the fans will go into WALTERLOCK.

Gilles Nuytens: What are your feelings after 8 years of Stargate? Did you enjoy it?
Gary Jones: Best gig in my life. cannot believe i've been on a show coming up 9 years. it's hard to describe being on a show that long but you get to know some excellent people. i've made some great friends. i have enjoyed every minute of it.

Gilles Nuytens: What the stargate adventure provided to you and your career?
Gary Jones: well, when you go into an audition and they see on your resume that you've been on a show for 8 years, it can't help but make them consider you a bit more for a part. it's like, "well, he's good enough for that show for 8 years, so..."

Gilles Nuytens: Fan's have renamed you "The chevron guy", do you like this nickname?
Gary Jones: The chevron guy was a result of no-one knowing my name for years. and most of my lines involved the word, "chevron." and i'm a "guy." so chevron guy was a natural. and i still respond to it from fans because they always say it with such affection. but i'm happy to be walter harriman now who happens to be, "the chevron guy."

Gilles Nuytens: What did you enjoy the most within these last 8 years of Stargate ? Is there something special you want to say ? Something funny you want to tell us ?
Gary Jones: As far as the most memorable memory on stargate goes, i have lots of funny ones but i just thought of one that is not so funny and kind of stands out. it was a couple of years ago and i was rushing around trying to get out of the house to get to the studio. i was late. then i hit the highway and there's traffic. now i'm freaking because i'm never late for stargate and if you knew the budget for each show, you don't want to keep those guys waiting for even 10 seconds. I finally get to work and i head for makeup. i'm sitting there in the chair going on and on about how i'm late and what kind of hellish morning i've had and the traffic sucked and me, me, me. finally, dorothee the makeup lady says, "well, at least you're not in the world trade centre." I'm like, "why?" she points to the tv they had in the trailer and i see a playback of the plane crashing into the first twin tower and it takes me a minute to even get my bearings as to what is happening. but on that day, i put all my stupid problems being late for acting work into perspective and i just shut the hell up.

Gary Jones
Gary Jones as Chief Master Sgt Walter Harriman
Click the image to enlarge
Gilles Nuytens: What are your plans for the future ? What do you really want to do one day ? Is there a project, movie or TV where you would like to join ?
Gary Jones: My plans for the future are to keep working. Stargate is the gift that keeps on giving. but i never count on it. the fans don't know this but i don't have a contract with stargate so everytime i get a call to come in, it's heavensent. peter deluise, producer and director on stargate, told me today that in his opinion, i have a finger in every pie. and i do. i do so many things besides stargate even though the 'gate is my top priority. i've done improv comedy, i've written plays and won awards for that, i've written a cartoon series, i've co-written tv scripts, variety shows, i've hosted shows and i've even done crowd warm-ups at game shows. i do anything that looks like it fun and challenging and can pay me. although today, as a matter of fact, i worked for free. i worked on a trailer for a feature film called CRIMINAL LIFE. it's a trailer because they don't have the money yet to make the film. so they're using this trailer to entice people to give them the money to make the film. so because they have no money, all the actors worked for free. that's rare. but it's a solid, funny premise and if it goes, i'll have a part. I've been doing this for 20 years or so and all i want to do is keep going. in this business there's no mandatory retirement. you keep going as long as you want, as long as you can produce something relevant or until you drop.

Gilles Nuytens: As you may know, many fans are making Stargate "mods" for popular Video Games engines such « Half Live », etc. Since the start of the new official video game "Stargate the alliance", MGM try to close definitively all this kind of free fan work on video games. The last one to be forced to close was a mod named "Stargate Source" based on the game "Half-Life 2". As this is free video games based on MGM's licence.
What is your opinion about this and what do you want to say to these fans who are working hard on this kind of free stuff and see all their efforts ruined by 1 simple email from MGM ?

Gary Jones: This is a very tricky question for me. I understand the fans wanting to do all these video games because they enjoy the show so much but the bottom line is, MGM owns the show. And because they own the show, they can do anything they want if they think they can make money off it. Even I'm not immune. I've been on the show 9 years and if someone at MGM decided that they wanted a new technician, for whatever reason, I'd be replaced. If they felt that their decision was in their best interests, they could do that. The fans might hate it but that's the way it goes.

MGM made stargate ALLIANCE because they felt, not only could they make a profit off it, but that they could control the quality and content of it. If you have a ton of fans out there making their own version of a show that MGM owns, the studio has no control over what people are doing to their show. I'm sure it's very frustrating and disappointing but that's life in showbiz. It's a very cut and dried world in entertainment, full of copyright laws and lawyers. Studios want to protect their interests and sadly, if it means shutting down sites that fans have made and run, that's what they'll do. I've worked in entertainment for 20 years and it's just part of the landscape.

Gilles Nuytens: And as I heard that the shooting of season 9 begins tomorrow, I wish you good luck and good work!
Gary Jones: yeah, i have three days on the first 2 eps. (by the way, everytime i mention the word "eps" to peter deluise, he goes, ""what's with this EPS business? are you too busy to say EPISODES? where have you got to be in such a hurry? slow down. it's EPISODES, not EPS, for God's sake!") it's a two parter and i'm working on march 2, 3 and 7.

Meanwhile. I'm still auditioning for any and all other stuff. today i'm auditioning for the part of a lawyer in a tv movie about the scott peterson case. you know, the guy who murdered his wife and unborn child? if you don't know much about it over there, google "scott peterson" or "laci peterson" and see what pops up. it's a massive trial over here. so naturally, they're making a movie about it. and all the main parts are cast in hollywood and all the smaller parts are cast up here in vancouver. So, I'd better be off. I need time to learn my line.

cheers, jonesy

Gilles Nuytens: Thanks for this scoop, I'll have a little thought for you on these days!
stay tuned for more exclusive interviews soon!

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Interview by Gilles Nuytens for The Scifi World


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