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PASTA WARS: The Pasta Awakens

Pasta Wars, un livre écrit par Gilles Nuytens
Pasta Wars is a book written by Gilles Nuytens (French).
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Richard Harmon interview
Interview with Richard HarmonRichard Harmon plays "Julian Randol" in the scifi show Continuum. You can also see him in "Bates Motel". He's been in 2 episodes of Caprica.
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Nicole Muñoz interview
Interview with Nicole MunozNicole Muñoz is a multi-talented young beauty that you can see in Defiance as Christie McCawley. Her past appearances include a role in Stargate Atlantis & Sanctuary.
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Victor Webster interview
Interview with Victor WebsterMost recently, Victor Webster starred as the scorpion king in the 3rd installment to the film franchise. Victor can also currently be seen in the television show "Continuum".
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Martin Bower interview
Interview with Martin BowerMartin Bower is one of the most highly prolific model makers and designers to the film, TV, advertising and publishing industry. His work includes the original Alien movie, Space 1999, Dr Who, Thunderbird, Blakes 7, Outland, Flash Gordon...
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Morena Baccarin interview (3)

Date of publishing: 14th October 2008

Morena baccarin interview Morena Baccarin was born in Rio De Janero, Brazil in 1979, but was raised in New York City. She was exposed to the world of acting at a very young age through her mother, Vera Setta, a well-known Brazilian actress who worked on both stage and television. She's best known for her role as Inara Serra in the short-lived sci-fi television serie Firefly and the movie Serenity. Morena played the adult version of Adria, a recurring villain in the tenth season of Stargate SG-1 and she reprises this role in the movie Stargate: The Ark of Truth. She also did the voice of Black Canary in the Justice League Unlimited.


This interview has been done during the F.A.C.T.S. Convention in Belgium.

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The video is Quicktime format, 13Megas, 9min 21.
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A transcript will be available soon (Volunteers welcome ... !)
We need people able to do good transcriptions, so if you feel able and if you have the time to, please contact us!

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