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PASTA WARS: The Pasta Awakens

Pasta Wars, un livre écrit par Gilles Nuytens
Pasta Wars is a book written by Gilles Nuytens (French).
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Rachel Luttrell interview (3)

Date of publishing: 30th May 2007

Rachel Luttrell interview - Stargate Atlantis, Teyla When you think of talent and grace, you think of Rachel Luttrell who plays “Teyla Emmagan” on the sci-fi channel original series “Stargate Atlantis”. Rachel’s role as leader of the alien world “Athos”, warrior and diplomat has afforded her the opportunity to learn the martial art “Kali” for her role. Rachel’s many talents include the gift of song, having been trained by her father and ballet (trained at The Russian Academy of Classical Ballet). We had the opportunity to interview this multi talented actress and hear her views on the new season and her fellow cast members. Here is a new exclusive interview.

Linda Craddock: So, did you enjoy your hiatus. I understand you did a quite a bit of traveling?
Rachel Luttrell: Yes, I had a beautiful hiatus. I traveled with my little sis’ to New Zealand and to Australia. Met with some lovely fans there and also got to see a lot of beautiful country. The truly brilliant aspect of my hiatus was a journey back to Tanzania with my parents.

Rachel Luttrell interview - Stargate Atlantis, TeylaLinda Craddock: Did you guys have a reunion party to start the new season?
Rachel Luttrell: Well, those few of us who were in Vancouver leading up to the beginning of Season Four got together but Joe and Jason were out of town pretty much up until we started shooting.

Linda Craddock: When the notification was made about the cancellation of Stargate SG1, what influence did it have on Atlantis cast/crew? What were your concerns?
Rachel Luttrell: Our crew had become like family in many ways to us and so with the cancellation of SG-1 there was the fear that some of them wouldn’t be asked back in order to accommodate some of the long standing crew of SG-1. We were all a bit concerned about what that shift would do to the dynamic of our show. But all’s well that ends well.

Linda Craddock: Some months have passed since the announcement and shooting for season 4 has begun, how is the atmosphere now?
Rachel Luttrell: The atmosphere on set is truly great.

Linda Craddock: When can we expect the release of “A Dog Breakfast”?
Rachel Luttrell: Hmmmm? Soon. I think that is a question best put to David but I know it will be soon.

Linda Craddock: Tell us about the climate on the set with the absence of Paul?
Rachel Luttrell: Oh, well, that really came as a shock to us all and we were all very saddened by it. I can tell you that the climate of the set on the day we all found out was quite blue. We have always had a very light hearted, playful and fun relationship and I for one miss that energy on set.

Linda Craddock: I read somewhere that “Weir’s appearances in season 4 will not be as frequent as past seasons as a result of the injuries she sustained in “First Strike”, according to the writers. Is Torri expected to be written out of the script as well?
Rachel Luttrell: Torri won’t be around as often as she was in the past few seasons, yes. I am not sure what they will be doing with the character of Dr. Weir. I think she brings a lot a strength and grace to the show. I also believe that a real bound has formed between Teyla and Dr. Weir. Torri is a beautiful spirit and we have certainly had a lot of fun off set together. I will miss her constant presence up in Vancouver. But she will be back periodically.

Rachel Luttrell interview - Stargate Atlantis, TeylaLinda Craddock: From your observation thus far, can we look forward to more “Teyla” family history and “Athosian” presence in season 4?
Rachel Luttrell: Yes, oh, yes, this will be a good season for Teyla’s storyline. I am very excited about it.

Linda Craddock: Jewel Staite has joined the cast in a very different role from her previous guest appearance as “Beckett” replacement. How much does that alter the chemistry among the cast?
Rachel Luttrell: Jewel is a sweetheart and I love having her around. And I don’t think that we should think of her as a Beckett replacement. I know she is very good friends with Paul and hates to think of her character, Dr. Keller, that way. She brings a lovely energy to the set.

Linda Craddock: I know you must be delighted to have Amanda Tapping join the cast for a number of episodes based on your friendship. Do you think her character and “McKay” will experience technical collisions a lot?

Rachel Luttrell: Yes, I am enjoying having Amanda around. She is so supportive and fun…. And, yup, the Mckay/Carter thing doesn’t really get old, does it?

Linda Craddock: The bond between “Teyla” and “Ronon” has grown closer throughout season 3. Is this a decision you and Jason made based on your common goal – the wraith, or have the writers decided to pair the two versus “Teyla” and “Rodney” or “Weir” and “Ronon”?
Rachel Luttrell: It just makes sense that these two characters would gravitate towards each other given their commonalities. They have an easy flow. It wasn’t something that Jason and I “”talked” about it just happened organically.

Linda Craddock: Some of the fans have expressed their confusion regarding the relationship between “Teyla” and Ronon’s”. Example” in “Echoes”, “Ronon is sitting by “Teyla’s” bedside encouraging her to hang on, holding her hand. In “Sunday” “Ronon” is not in the scene when “Teyla” is brought out on the stretcher with her injury and in “First Strike”, “Ronon” is sitting against a wall, with a piece of debris lodged in his shoulder and “Teyla” is near the console talking to “McKay”. What are your views on the confusion?
Rachel Luttrell: Wow, that really takes me back to the very dates we shot all those moments. Believe me when I tell you that we discussed them in length on set…. “How much sense does this make?” “ wouldn’t I be tending to him at that particular point...?” We went back and forth but the writers had their reasons for setting the scenes as they did and in the end they won out. I think they like toying with the ambiguity of the characters’ dynamic. But in my mind there is no question that these two really do care for each other.

Linda Craddock: Season 2 DVD has recently been released here in the U.S. Tell us about your participation in the project?
Rachel Luttrell: Not much really, I am afraid. I did do some commentary and a Special Feature…. Oh, and all the episodes :)

Linda Craddock: You have often referred to Connor Trinneer’s character “Michael” as one of the more intriguing character’s on Atlantis. Would you know if we can expect many more appearances from the Connor as a result of “Vengeance”.
Rachel Luttrell: Yes, I believe you can.

Linda Craddock: You will face the wraith, the replicators, and now big bugs. How is your martial arts training progressing?
Rachel Luttrell: Well, “the proof is in the pudding” as they say. Already this season I have had to perform some of the most difficult fight choreography that I have tackled to date and we are just getting going on the first part of Season Four. It has been fun!

Rachel Luttrell interview - Stargate Atlantis, TeylaLinda Craddock: In 2006, the Stargate SG1 episode “Pegasus Project”, the team visited Atlantis where they were greeted by “Weir”, “Sheppard” and “McKay”. Was that a day off for you and Jason?
Rachel Luttrell: I can’t remember. Most likely. I may have gone to the movies that day.

Linda Craddock: You are a very talented actress. Are there any other projects on the horizon for Rachel Luttrell? When are we going to be graced with your talents on the big screen under the direction of one of the many heavy producers/directors in the business?
Rachel Luttrell: Oh, well, thank you!! I hope that that scenario is eminent. I of course love working on Atlantis but my sights have always been set far beyond our Vancouver set. I have many career aspirations. Time and patience… and Faith.

Linda Craddock: Have you seen any good movies lately?
Rachel Luttrell: Well, I loved “Pan’s Labyrinth”, saw it a quite a few months back. I really enjoyed “Hot Fuzz” for its humor and off the wall wackiness.

Linda Craddock: The 2nd half of season 3 offered a lot of focus for “Teyla”, “The Ark”, “Echoes”, “Submersion”, “Sunday” and “Vengeance”. Were you satisfied with the conclusion of season 3?
Rachel Luttrell: Yes, I’d say I was.

Linda Craddock: Talk a little about Michael Beach’s character “Col Ellis”. He seems to have the same charming qualities as “Col Caldwell”. Will we see a lot more of him in the new season?
Rachel Luttrell: Well, Michael is a lovely man and he brings a lot of integrity to the role of Col. Ellis. I know for a fact that we will be seeing him again.

Linda Craddock: Would you be willing to share with us who was the subject of the conversation between “Teyla” and “Dr. Houston” in “Sunday”?
Rachel Luttrell: Ah… stay tuned….

Linda Craddock: Christopher Judge said during the interview on “Behind the scenes” DVD for “The women of sci-fi calendar” you were very nervous during production shoot. Is that true?
Rachel Luttrell: I tend to be quite modest and I lean more towards “classic looks” so in a way, yes, I was a bit uncertain about posing in bikini for a calendar. It definitely took me outside my comfort zone.

Linda Craddock: Tell us about your new website? What can we expect?
Rachel Luttrell: You can expect that it will eventually be completed…. Oh, dear, I don’t mean to be cheeky, its just I have such a hard time with putting myself out there on the internet. I mean I have a wonderful designer who could finish the site in days if I gave him the go ahead… But I guess I am a bit shy. I never really go on-line to see what people are saying about me and, well, with this web-site I may be opening myself up to a whole new world of accessibility and so, I am taking baby steps with it. When it finally does launch it will be something I will be proud of and I think the fans will also enjoy.

Rachel Luttrell interview - Stargate Atlantis, TeylaLinda Craddock: Want to ask you when you travel to London for Comic Con, do you take time to visit familiar places and friends you met in the summer of 2003, during your study of Shakespeare at the British/American Drama Association at Oxford University?
Rachel Luttrell: I have not been back to Oxford since that beautiful time. I would love to go back. And, sadly I have lost touch with most of the people I met there. There are quite a few teachers who I would love to see again and most of them make their home in the UK. So, one of these days.

Linda Craddock: Whenever you visit a convention and the latest interview with ET Canada, you are asked to sing. When are we going to be honored with a recording contract and CD release?
Rachel Luttrell: Aren’t you a great boost for the old ego! Let me tell you, I would love to get going on a music project. But it has to feel like the right one for me and it has to work in well with my current schedule. Once again, a bit of patience, time and faith.

Linda Craddock: How’s Nala?
Rachel Luttrell: Oh, sweet Nala is well. We are in spring now and so the pollens in the air are kinda getting to her sensitive skin… in the form of “hot spots”. But I am treating them with great care and I am certain that she and I will be having a lovely summer.

Linda Craddock: Thank you again, for taking the time to answer questions for the fans.

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Interview by Linda Craddock for The Scifi World.


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