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The Sarah Connor Chronicles sets visit
The nSarah Connor ChroniclesWe had the opportunity to visit the sets of this new show based on the Terminator franchise!
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Stargate sets visit
VancouverA 5 parts report from a visit in Vancouver and the sets of Stargate!
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Report from Vancouver - August 2006
:: Part 1: Global report of the trip
:: Part 2: Photos of the city & people
:: Part 3: Visit at Rainmaker Studios
:: Part 4: Visit of the sets of Stargate
:: Part 5: Photos from the sets
Part 5 : Photos from the sets of Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis
Bridge studios
Gilles Nuytens & Peter DeLuise
Peter DeLuise
Gilles Nuytens & Peter DeLuise
Gilles Nuytens & Michael Shanks
Gilles Nuytens & Michael Shanks
Gilles Nuytens & Ben Browder
Gilles Nuytens & Claudia Black
Gilles Nuytens & Christopher Judge
Gilles Nuytens
Gilles Nuytens
Gilles Nuytens & Rachel Luttrell
Gilles Nuytens
Gilles Nuytens
Gilles Nuytens & Joe Flanigan
Gilles Nuytens
Stargate Atlantis set
Stargate Atlantis set
Author: Gilles Nuytens
Date: September 2006
Copyright: Gilles Nuytens & MGM Worldwide Television


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