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Behind the Myth of Atlantis
:: Chapter 1: Plato and Atlantis
:: Chapter 2: Where was Atlantis ?
:: Chapter 3: Disappearence of atlantis
:: Chapter 4: Egypt, Atlantis heritage
:: Chapter 5: Atlantis, Myth or Reality ?
:: Chapter 6: Pleistocen
:: Chapter 7: The Flood
Chapter 3: Disappearence of Atlantis

The Flood, a big turn which sees the disappearance of Atlantis but what could be the cause of it?! In one day, the earth began simply turning in the other direction.
Madness, incredible utopia?

The Egyptians knew and engraved and painted it in their temples. They engraved two lions back to back, between them, the sun stuck in between the hieroglyph of the sky one upward, the other one downward, in other words, the sky "before" and the sky "after".
Strictly speaking, the Sun, before the flood, rose on West. What evidence is there of that? At first, how do we explain the presence of mammoths, and the presence of preserved ingested grass, perfectly conserved in the ice of Siberia other than by a fast shift of the earth's crust? Also, geologists found rocks with their crystalline orientation inverted, which can't be explained other than by the inversion of the heading of the rotation of the earth. Finally, it is worth considering the enigma of the eels crossing the ocean to the Sargasso Sea for the reason of reproduction, as salmons do in our fishponds. They simply follow, at the bottom of the ocean, the bed of the devoured water flow. They are not like the migratory birds that go with the stars...

11 600 YEARS B.P? That is "about 11600 years ago ", so approximately by the middle of 10th century before our time, the traditional date for the end of the big Atlantis adventure. The following is dedicated to finding other echoes except the one left by Plato and to look for events this date could also be connected to.. Other examples of some remarkable events having taken place towards 9600 BC should surely exist...

An almost universal tradition reports that the Civilization was brought by giants with white skin, with fair hair, and with blue eyes... These giants of whom we find uncountable myths all around the Earth, would they not be "simply" surviving Atlantes that got organized for a new departure?
This "version" is obviously the most attractive but also the most difficult to prove.. Nevertheless these traditions meet themselves with an interrogating determination.
We find evidence of it in the Bible: " The giants were on the earth in these days, and also after the sons of God had come towards the sons of the people and after they had given them the children: they were brave people of a past age, people of good name." (Genesis VI, 4).

This date corresponds especially concerning humanity, to the beginning of agriculture, the settlement, the construction of cities, etc. It was called the "Neolithic revolution".
The historians think that it is around 9000 BC in the Close East that starts the movement of expansion of the "new tribal society" which begins to domesticate plants and animals and replaces the "ancient" Palaeolithic society of the hunter - collectors. If expansion begins towards 9000 BC, it must be preceded by a phase of preparation which can very well be situated towards 9600 BC or 9500 BC.
The scientists who study this period express generally their surprise to the speed with which the civilization appears. By schematizing, searches made in Palaeolithic layers present nearby characteristics over a long period and suddenly, in the following layers we begin to find a profusion of new objects translating a different way of life which happens almost "from day to day" (that is on nearly a millennium! But that's little within the framework of prehistoric studies.)

The date supplied (almost directly) by Plato corresponds, we know now, but he would have had to logically ignore it, at the end of the last ice-age.

We must remember that the geologists began to envisage that the Earth had known the glaciations for only about two hundred years! Even the geologists, the climatologists, etc. the most orthodox recognize that the end of glacial period is a period when fast and important changes take place. Nobody disputes the big extinctions of big mammals in the end of Pleistocene (mammoths notably) or the ascent of the sea level from 80 to 130m. Invading so vast zones formerly emerged..
The analysis of sediments at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and of the isotopes of the oxygen and the study of the composition of the populations of fossil insects in Great Britain allow to us calculate temperature variations:
So, among 11500 BC and 9500 BC, the temperatures at the surface of the ocean increased, in summer, of 6.6 °C to 14 °C, and in winter, of 0.9 °C to 9 °C, the polar forehead then moving 1700 km back, from the Bay of Biscay in the southwest of Greenland.


Another hypothesis was imagined: Impacts of asteroids such as N.E.A. (Near Earth Asteroids). These N.E.A (more than 2000 tracked down this day) presents the peculiarity to move on orbits which approach the Earth's one or even cross it (objects called Apollo type). According to certain specialists a global cooling would be the consequence of a continental impact, while general reheating would follow an oceanic impact. In a case, a glacial episode would begin, in the other one it would end.
The gigantic tsunami which would result from an oceanic impact would correspond perfectly to the description of the end of Atlantis brought back by Plato:

"...There were horrifying earthquakes and disasters. For only a single day and terrible night. the Atlantis island got ruined in the sea and disappeared." (Timaeus)
" But today theory is that it sank into the sea following earthquakes" (Critias)

This tsunami* could also explain the length of the disaster (from the first gigantic wave we would observe "retorts" more and more weakened by having made the tour of the Earth. It could also explain the lack of Atlantis ruins or artefacts because of its importance, its force, its rehearsal definitively "clean" the built grounds, annihilating violently and throwing in the sea any signs of human activity.
Besides, in the end of Pleistocene, the melt of the ice is going to entail an ascent of oceanic waters from 80 to 120m. Now, the capital Atlantis was a port. The Rare, still visible structures are going so to disappear under streams, for good this time. So we can say that Atlantis disappeared twice rather than once!
If archaeological discoveries are in these conditions very hypothetical, this disaster however left tracks: the massive and rough extinction of the Pleistocene big mammals and notably mammoths (some of them were found in the permafrost with grass and flowers in their mouth that they had had no time to swallow!) is really a rough event and it is dated at this time.

*Tsunami, Japanese word means literally "Port wave". Waves are generated or by a deformation of the bottom of the ocean (the layer of water situated above the fault undergoes then a movement) either by submarine volcanic eruptions or by landslide.

Author: L.B
Date: March 2005


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