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Behind the Myth of Atlantis
:: Chapter 1: Plato and Atlantis
:: Chapter 2: Where was Atlantis ?
:: Chapter 3: Disappearence of atlantis
:: Chapter 4: Egypt, Atlantis heritage
:: Chapter 5: Atlantis, Myth or Reality ?
:: Chapter 6: Pleistocen
:: Chapter 7: The Flood
Chapter 5: Atlantis, Myth or Reality ?

Atlantis is for most people, a myth which has not until this day been demonstrated scientifically, but which, in the course of millenniums, crossed all the known civilizations. The big superior ancestors, the gods, the semi-gods and giants about whom all the religions speak and which seem to many, an allegory and a whim of the ancient peoples, are nevertheless present in all the Mediterranean and Amerindian cultures. In all the cosmogonies, whatever they are, we speak about flood, flood which was proved by searches.

The fact that they are some 10 000 years old (WHAT?), the axis of the earth fell over provoking a gliding of poles, necessarily caused geologic and geographic turns. Can we admit while brilliant civilizations were sunk in the ocean (while) mountain ranges appeared?
Nevertheless, it remains of Atlantis, indications which embarrass many scientists, by leaving them the problem of a lost knowledge, of a professional skill and methods to build pyramids, appeared simultaneously on each side of the Atlantic Ocean, which, between you and me, carries a name which does not correspond to any existing place, contrary to the other seas and oceans.

It is necessary also to quote the megaliths which mark out the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean, such as, among the most known, Stonehenge and Carnac. On the other side of the Ocean, on the West this time, in Peru, the "tracks" of Nazca, which can only be seen from the sky, are also a dilemma for official science.
Then, why refuse to admit that a thousand years ago, people had as much, otherwise more, knowledge than us. Hardly 100 years ago, people believed that an object heavier than air would never fly, or that a train never could exceed the speed of 50 kmph.

But technology progresses every day and new data are updated. We discovered that the Earth is older than what we thought and so that the humanity is also!
On April 30 '91 a series of tsunami's flooded 138 000 persons in Bangladesh. If a disaster of this amplitude can arrive nowadays, why wouldn't another one of a bigger or equal amplitude still have been able to happen long ago, destroying a prosperous civilization - whatever place it was?

Today, more than 25 000 books have been written about Atlantis. It is Plato, who was the first, who launched the debate, more than 2 000 years ago. Jules Verne*, in the novel "Twenty thousand leagues under seas" finds Atlantis with the captain Nemo and his famous Nautilus. Fiction ? Fiction? But we know that most of the novels, which seemed to go out of his fertile imagination, became facts, then who knows!

*Jules Verne
Nantes 1828 - Amiens 1905
French writer. The series of extraordinary Journeys, intended for the adolescence, inaugurates the kind of the scientific novel of anticipation (Five Weeks in balloon 1863; A journey to the centre of the Earth 1864; From Earth to the Moon 1865; Twenty thousand leagues under the sea 1870; Around the world in eighty days 1873; Michel Strogoff 1876).

Author: L.B
Date: March 2005


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